It is my pleasure to extend all of our gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for his support and motivation toward the development of the citizens operating in the Oilfield Sector.

Saih Al Rawl Gas Compamy LLC was incorporated in 2000 as a Oman based, multi-business establishment focused on serving the needs of the Industrial & domestic market. Since then, We have been expanding and playing an important role in commercializing new business ideas to contribute to the development of the national and regional economy.

Today, our reputation in the region and our proven record of excellent growth management energized our continued success and development in the market. At the forefront in the adoption of new technology and contemporary management methods to improve efficiency and ensure even better quality, "SAIH AL-RAWL GAS COMPANY LLC" forges ahead in the Oman strengthening existing customer relationships, cultivating new ones, and targeting a broader Oman market. Placing a strong emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, quality and safety.

In order to be better prepared to serve our customers, Saih Al Rawl is investing in its employees, internal processes, tools, and business systems. We are strengthening our existing core competencies as well as focus in the development of new capabilities to meet increasing requirements.

We have a clear vision for the future and understand how to manage the changes necessary to reach it.

In the new millennium, we stand committed to innovation and our assurance to bring highest quality and latest technology to sustain a valuable position in this industry.

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